Slava Apel, Marketing Coach, CEO at StartUp Services Canada

Slava Apel
As a Senior Business Consultant, Slava works with Designated Organisations and Entrepreneurs to provide training, vetting, business case preparation. Mr. Apel’s main expertise covers: International Business Expansion, Non-Dilutive Fund Raising, App Development, Sales Training, Start-ups, Business Acceleration, Online Marketing, Automation Software and SaaS Software.

As a Senior Case Analyst, and with the CPA background, Anthony vets business plans, projections and does due diligence on business innovation.

Anthony, Senior Case Analyst at Startup Visa Services

Business Consultant. Rahila vets business plans, works on projections and does due diligence on business innovation.

Rahila, Business Consultant at Startup Visa Services
Ryan (Ry Guy), Sales Manager, Promoter and Coach at Startup Visa Services

Ryan (Ry Guy)
A passionate executive, sales manager, promoter, coach, entrepreneur, humanitarian, father, author and speaker.
Teamwork is a cornerstone of his success in finance as well as a junior diplomat and combat veteran in the Canadian Army.

Jacob, Marketing and Database specialist at Startup Visa Services

Jacob is a marketing and database specialist helping smooth file processing.

As a Case Manager, Muniza assists businesses with the proper flow of information and provides ongoing service and support to client cases.

Muniza, Case Manager at Startup Visa Services

As a Case Analyst, Robin focuses on Medical projects and provides research and due diligence. Robin will assemble and submit documentation and clinical research data.

Robin, Case Analyst at Startup Visa Services
Edward, Client Support Manager at Startup Visa Services

As a Client Support Manager, Edward helps with web and video, graphics and content research that helps businesses promote their services best.

Parisa, Visual Designer at Startup Visa Services

Parisa is a visual designer helping clients with prototype and proof of concept vetting.

Mandarin and Cantonese speaker and assistant to executives, Jessie supports international markets.


Mariia is an experienced professional community manager and coordinator who supports event and outbound summit opportunities.


As a Marketing Analyst, Joanne helps companies stretch their marketing dollars with programs that generate awareness, customer engagement and growth.

As the Software and IT Analyst, Favour brings Microsoft trained analytical approach to software development and helps with the architecture of the implementation.

As a Senior Business Consultant, Bella creates strategies for the business growth, funding and organisational hygiene.

As a Client Support Manager, Jonathan supports client’s questions, helps with graphics and content and supporting entrepreneurs with the skills and potential to build businesses in Canada.

Jonathan, Client Support Manager at Startup Visa Services

As a Business Analyst, Raymond helps businesses with scaling, funding and structuring that supports predictable growth. Raymond provides agent support and education of processes to help declutter any ambiguity in scheduling.

Data Processing expert and a business consultant helping unifying customer’s touch points

As Research Analyst, Brayden is responsible for researching, analyzing, interpreting, and presenting data related to markets, operations, finance,  customers and technical writing.

As a Compliance Analyst, and a Certified Business Valuator, Sean is using his CPA experience in working for 15 years as a CRA auditor to de-risking business operations.

Mentors and Consultants

Ray Litvak, Business Consultant at Startup Visa Services

Ray is a seasoned business consultant who creates success-based partnerships with significant ROI

Brian Walls

Original creator of Litigation Software for the legal industry – Brian is a lifelong entrepreneur with experience in multiple facets of business. Brian’s extensive legal network offers our value proposition to law firms internationally.

Business Analyst and a Business Developer, Doug helps startups with the vision and value proposition


CPA and a Business Analyst, Jeff works on P&L scenarios for the ventures


Case Manager and a business developer, Sybil fosters company partnerships


Case Manager and a business developer, Mike sources out partnerships

As a government liaison Michelle provides financial input into growth strategy of businesses. Michelle’s involvement in funding, grants, rebates and filings provides strategic direction to entrepreneurs.

DeGroote MBA trained, Logan is a Due Diligence administrator that vets and assesses venture cases

Logan, Due Diligence Administrator at Startup Visa Services

As a Branding specialist, Hanieh works on startup branding and graphical representation of the brand value