Crowdfunding Marketing Is Challenging But We Make It Easier

At Startup Visa Services, we know how challenging crowdfunding can be without the proper experience. With our guidance, entrepreneurs reap the rewards of crowdfunding done right, including excellent pre-sale volume and the eventual successful launch of their product.

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The Benefits of Supplier Financing and How We Can Help

Many businesses overlook the various ways they can deal with the customer-supplier pay gap, or leverage bigger supply purchases to ensure cash flow and inventory are always at a good level. The Startup Visa Services team helps Canadian businesses with supplier financing so that they can pay their suppliers without draining their cash flow, build their inventory, and make bigger supply purchases even without having all the funds required for it

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How We Assist With Business Scaling and Exit Strategizing

At Startup Visa Services, we know how important yet difficult business scaling can be. That’s why we help businesses with the planning and strategizing necessary for proper scaling and exit strategy.

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How We Help Secure Investors for Businesses and Entrepreneurs

The Startup Visa Services team knows the preparation and precision required by businesses and entrepreneurs when they are seeking out investors. That’s why we put our 20 years of experience as professional consultants in the entrepreneurial and start-up field to use for our clients, assisting and supporting them with anything and everything related to securing investors. 

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How Subsidies Will Help Your Business and How We Help Secure Them

As with grants and loans, identifying which subsidies your business is eligible for and preparing an application can be burdensome. That’s why the Startup Visa Services team assists and supports businesses with everything subsidy related to your operations. Using our years of experience in the entrepreneurial and start-up space, we make sure that your business is opting for the best programs, and that everything required for the subsidy application is in order. 

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Securing Government Grants: We Can Help

The Startup Visa Services team knows how difficult it can be to pinpoint the grants that your business is eligible for, and which of those make the most sense to secure. That’s why we use our experience and expertise to help entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes to navigate and secure government grants. 

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Factoring for Entrepreneurs

Factoring is typically a cheaper way of securing funds that are needed right away, than borrowing money from any other source. Our highly experienced team assists and supports entrepreneurs and businesses in Canada with factoring so your business has cashflow at all times.

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Assisting Entrepreneurs with Securing Loans

Securing a loan with favourable terms can be difficult – they are typically not advertised by banks. The team at Startup Visa Services knows this, and by utilizing our experience and expertise we assist entrepreneurs with attaining the best possible loans. 

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